Mobile Office Trailers, Storage Trailers, And Road Trailers

We are your reliable, comprehensive trailer rental supplier. There is no need to put your project on hold during travel or during periods of interrupted access to your main office base.

Mobile Office, Storage & Raod Trailer Rentals in West Virginia

We can help your organization operate from a mobile base station and keep your freight rolling, also. We provide the convenience of comfortable road, storage, and office trailers for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Headquarters for Brief Events
  • Mobile Offices
  • On-Site Testing Labs/Mobile Healthcare
  • Religious Services
  • Road Transportation Tractor Trailers
  • Sales
  • Secure Office Space
  • Storage
  • Temporary Classrooms
  • Temporary Store Fronts
  • Temporary Training Facilities
Various sizes and floor plans are available. Just call and let us know what your need is and we can recommend a trailer model suitable for your needs. We will bring the trailer directly to your location.

Office Trailers (Pricing)

All of our office trailers are equipped with electric service and air conditioning.

Office Trailers in West Virginia



8′ x 20′ $125.00 per month
8′ x 30′ (with 2 offices) $150.00 per month
8′ x 30′ (open floor plan) $150.00 per month
8′ x 36′ (combo) $175.00 per month
8′ x 24′ (combo) $175.00 per month
12′ x 60′ Trailer $375.00 per month
8′ x 30′ Ohio Code $150.00 per month
8′ x 32′ (w/ bath) $200.00 per month

Storage Container Rentals

Atlas provides sturdy, durable storage containers with flexible rental options available -You can rent by the week, month, or year.

If your storage plans are long-term, Atlas also has storage containers for sale. Our prices are very competitive and we can save you thousands of dollars versus renting or leasing warehouse storage space. Please call for sale prices.



8′ x 20′ $80.00 per month
8′ x 40′ – 45′ $100.00 per month
Storage Container Rentals in West Virginia

Road Trailer Rentals


Daily Rate

Monthly Rate

53′ Van $50.00 $300.00
40′ – 60′ Stretch $60.00 $350.00

Storage Vans



30′ Pup Trailer $80.00 per month
40′ – 45′ Van $100.00 per month
48′ Van $125.00 per month
53’ Van $150.00 per month
Storage Van Rentals in West Virginia

Additionally, the following accessories are available for rent:




Binders $0.50 per day
Chains $1.00 per day
King Pin Locks $10.00 per month
Blocking material $30.00 (for small office trailers)
Blocking material $80.00 (for 12×60 office trailers)
All of our storage containers and trailers are designed for durable outdoor storage at your location. Please note that Atlas does not rent or lease ground space at this time. However, we will deliver the storage container or trailer to your location.

Trailer Delivery Charges (First Month Billing, Prepaid):

Standard Pickup & Delivery: $65.00 per hour
Storage Containers (delivery): $ 65.00 per hour
Office & Storage Trailers (delivery): $65.00 per hour
12′ x 60′ Office Trailer (delivery): $175.00 + $3.00 per mile